Pre-entry editorial 2022-23

August 2022.

The dull sound of the moorings being cast off, the return to La Péniche, and the return to the large hold of the Boutmy amphitheatre. For some the first steps in the Péniche, for others a simple return on board. While some wander around, their spirits low and their guts aching for the sea, others show off their sun-browned and foam-salted skin with a light heart.

This year-long journey, consisting only of a one-month stopover in January, has its surprises. A lot of happy moments, learning, events, meetings and opportunities. But every sailor anticipates and fears the strong swells of October and March, the storms of December and May. Some will survive the journey, being passive, only arriving at their destination and letting themselves be carried by the anonymous flow. Others will take the helm, and invest themselves in keeping the ship afloat, and in keeping the joy alive.

Whether you are in exchange, bachelor, or in master, whether you come from here or elsewhere, you will have the opportunity to attend conferences, shows, events, parties, or to participate in engaged debates. If you want to share these experiences and keep track of them, then go for it.

This year, we would like to focus more on student life at Sciences Po. In the hustle and bustle of Parisian life, and the multitude of events organized internally, we feel it is necessary to share and discuss it, so that each sailor (who cannot attend all the events) can have access to a report. Beyond campus life, don’t hesitate to share with others your tips, tricks or events that you heard about in Paris, it could be useful to others. Indeed, don’t forget that your main readers will be sailors, just like you, having access to many other channels of political or ideological information. La Péniche regularly associates with other associations for punctual projects, we will soon propose you to take part in a new collaboration.

This year again, La Péniche will be there to offer to all, a space of freedom, creativity, and exercise. Aspiring editors, future reporters, poets, photographers, artists, political activists, literary or film critics, we welcome you with open arms, to share this long journey that awaits us. La Péniche is here to entertain you, to offer you opportunities that a crowded cruise ship could not.

« Et ne vaut-il pas mieux quelque orage endurer, Que d’avoir toujours peur de la mer importune ? Par la bonne fortune on se trouve abusé, Par la fortune adverse on devient plus rusé. »

[« And isn’t it better to endure some storm, Than to be always afraid of the troublesome sea? By good fortune one is deceived, By adverse fortune one becomes more cunning. »]

A few words from a young sailor who became a sailor :

These words of Joachim DU BELLAY seem to me to summarize, at the end of a year spent doubting my publications, the step to take to become an editor. Pride and pleasure at having passed the hurdle, sometimes shame and doubt, incomprehension in front of the reaction that your article can provoke. But young sailor, don’t be afraid, only the one who faces it will be able to judge your crossing. Once you’ve taken the plunge, you’ll have a great experience.

If you wish to join the adventure, here is the link that will give you access to the crew ; you will be able to write either in French to practice or in English, do not hesitate to join us!

Below are the captains of the boat, who will guide you throughout the journey:

Co-presidents : Caroline RENAUX and Sarah MIANSONI

Editors : Lisa GUILLEMIN (campus life) ; Emma ROUBERTIE (events) ; Elise DE BAYSER (culture) ; Sarah LEE (political life and general secretary)

Romane Huillet, editor in chief for the year 2022-2023.

© Picture credit : Romane Huillet