Obama’s new foreign policy strategy – an interview with Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer

Interview with Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer

Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer

Le journaliste du Sundial Rick Noack s’est longuement entretenu avec Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer, éminente politologue et maître de conference en relations internationales à Sciences Po Paris et spécialiste des relations transatlantiques au Campus euro-américain à Reims.

Last week, “The Sundial”´s Rick Noack talked to Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer (the Paris bureau chief of the German Marshall Fund) about Obama´s foreign policy during his second term in office. It´s our first 20-minute long video interview, so let us know what you think about it. (And thanks to Ulysse Ancele for editing the video)