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    Le tour de France de la Péniche, épisode 3 – Reims

    Après Le Havre et Nancy, la Péniche se rend à présent sur le site de Reims où l’on parle tantôt anglais, tantôt swahili. A seulement 45 minutes de Paris, le plus grand des campus délocalisés se démarque par un bâtiment réaménagé et ses deux programmes centrés sur l’Amérique du Nord et l’Afrique, respectivement surnommés « Euram » et « Euraf ». Deux programmes qui coexistent, s’enrichissent mutuellement, mais que la réforme du Collège U tend à standardiser. Le repaire des euro-américains et euro-africains Tout comme à Poitiers, les sciences-pistes rémois profitent d’un campus rénové et d’un nouveau directeur. Tilman Turpin a été remplacé l’année…

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    Math in Sciences Po : more problems than solutions ?

    Un article de Mariam Ben Slama pour le Sundial Press Equations, derivatives and vectors are things most students thought they left behind after finishing high school, and who can blame them? After all, aren’t we in a Social Sciences university ? Yet students are still required to take a Math class that is worth 3 credits during the first semester of their first year.   Why are they taught in Sciences Po ?  It might not seem like much and most people might think that just because Math is not as important as History or Political Institutions it must be…

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    WEIC, Day Two : the tale continues

    Un article de Diana Glebova pour le Sundial Press Once again, the Euram and Euraf teams proved to be strong competitors in the various basketball and volleyball matches against Sciences Po’s Nancy, Le Havre, and Poitiers campuses. Today’s matches were held inside a sports complex, providing warmth and an even more concentrated team spirit. The atmosphere was noteworthy as always, with Poitiers forming a conga line, Le Havre’s K-pop dance party in the middle of the court, and the fierce competition between Nancy and Euram. A particularly intense face-off between Nancy and Euram The matches began at 9:00 a.m. with…

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    WEIC : highlights of a festive first day

    Un article de Diana Glebova pour le Sundial Press The first day of Sciences Po’s Weekend Intercampus (WEIC) 2017 tournament would prove to be memorable, despite the frigid temperatures in Poitiers. With teams representing Euram, Euraf, Nancy, Le Havre, and Poitiers, the competition was tough. But nonetheless, the male and female Euram and Euraf rugby and football teams played to their strengths, had tremendous success and had immense support from the sidelines. « It’s all about physical play » 1:00 p.m. marked the beginning of the WEIC competition, with the male Euram and Euraf teams facing off in both football and rugby.…

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    Why the absence policy should be reformed

    Un article de Aristotle Vossos pour le Sundial Press How many times have you found yourself planning out your absences, afraid to skip a class too early in the semester lest you need to « use an absence » later on? How many times have you shown up to class tired, on the verge of a breakdown, with a 10-page paper to write? As with a number of things at Sciences Po, the university’s absence policy is in dire need of reform. Increasing the part of participation in our grades Barring lectures, attendance is mandatory in all other classes and students are…